Turning Pages Manual 1
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Turning Pages Manual 1

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Turning Pages is a fresh, easy way for adults to learn to read, at their own pace, one to one with a friend, family member or another mentor. Learning can take place anytime and anywhere, fitting in with everyday life.

Turning Pages allows adults to move forward through a set of 5 friendly, structured phonics based manuals. Each manual uses a variety of activities to give someone plenty of opportunities to build, practice and check new skills.

Everyone starts Turning Pages at the beginning of manual 1 whether they are completely new to reading or already have some reading skills. 

Manual 1 introduces learners phonics. They will:

  • Match sounds to letters
  • Practice letter sounds
  • Begin to blend letter sounds together to read short words
  • Read short sentences
  • Read longer words

Experiencing the joy of reading, and putting new skills into practice outside of the manual, is made possible by Turning Pages reading books. Developed for new adult readers, reading books are signposted as someone completes the progress checks built into each manual. For manual 1, there’s 10 reading books, all linked to the skills someone has already learned. And at the end of the manual, a completion certificate can be downloaded from our website.

A typical sentence read by the end of manual 1:

‘The clutch on the van could be a problem.'

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